Charger Protector SIMTEC Digital Voltage Protector

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voltage protector - simtec voltage protector Protect your TV, Fridge, LED TV, UPS, Motor and other home appliances from High voltage, Low voltage, and fluctuation up to 5 ampere load
Selectable Timing for 10 Second & 3 Minutes Delay

Protect your electrical devices with the Cyber Automatic Digital Voltage Protector. It senses voltage surges quickly, and shuts off power within seconds to prevent damage. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your devices are safe.

- ⚑ Voltage Monitoring: Constantly monitors voltage levels in real-time.

- βš™οΈ Automatic Protection: Swiftly disconnects power during unsafe voltage fluctuations.

- πŸ’‘ LED Display: Clearly displays voltage status for easy monitoring.

- πŸ”’ Surge Protection: Safeguards against sudden power surges and spikes.

- πŸ“ˆ Delay Function: Prevents immediate reconnection to protect devices.

- πŸ”Œ Universal Compatibility: Suitable for various electrical appliances and devices.

- 🌐 Peace of Mind: Ensures the safety and uninterrupted operation of your electronics.

- πŸ’Ό Reliable Build: Sturdy construction for long-lasting durability.

- πŸ“Š Energy Efficiency: Helps conserve energy and reduce electricity costs.

- πŸ”Œ Easy Installation: Simple plug-and-play setup for user convenience.

- 🌟 Trusted Brand: Simtec delivers quality and peace of mind.


The Simtec Automatic Digital Voltage Protector offers a comprehensive solution to safeguard your electronics, making it an essential addition to your home or workplace. πŸ”ŒπŸ’Ό

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